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Are You Losing Local Customers Because Of Your Text Ad Copy?

Consumers conduct searches for local businesses, more and more every day.  The advent of Google Local allows your customers to find businesses that are near their homes and offices.  Because of this, it has become more important than ever for local businesses to create text ad copy that accurately represents the products and services of their business.  The last thing businesses want in this competitive market is to lose potential customers because of the following five ad copy mistakes.

1.       Failing To Use Geo-Targeting.

The most important aspect of SEO for local businesses is to include geo-targeting information.  Consider for a moment how you search for a local business.  Likely you type in the city name or zip code in addition to what you are seeking – example “90210 dry cleaner” or “Beverly Hills dry cleaner”.  Without proper geo-targeting, your customers will have a greater challenge to finding you.  However, only use geo-targeting for areas that are truly local to you, otherwise visitors to your site will feel you have misrepresented your location.  Geo-targeting helps your potential customers find you quickly and easily and it must be a central part of your local SEO strategy.

2.        Never Promise What You Cannot Deliver.

When a customer is attracted to the text in your ad copy, they expect what is written in the ad to be an accurate representation of what your business offers.  If your text ad contains keywords that have little or nothing to do with your business, the customer will leave your page without further ado.  Your ad must reflect the information that is on your landing page.  If your text ad indicates you offer roofing repair but your landing page has no information on it, you have lost a potential customer, possibly for life.  Google takes into account the accuracy of text ads and how they relate to your landing page and your business may be rewarded with better ad position and lower costs per click. Only create text ads that accurately reflect your product and service offerings to ensure you do not drive potential customers away.

3.        You Cannot Close A Sale Without Asking For A Sale.

Call to Actions are vital in all marketing campaigns regardless of whether they are in traditional media or online.  Once you have customers find you and are on your site, you must have a clear and concise call to action to spur them to choose your business over your competition.  A strong call to action in your text ad copy can help drive visitors to your site and increase your revenue.  Of course, remember to Never Promise What You Cannot Deliver.  If your text ad says “25% off everything in stock” then your landing page needs to echo the offer.  Text ads with strong calls to action can help drive potential local customers to your site, however, your website must do its job by converting visitors into buyers.

4.       Do Not Waste Space In Text Ads.

Creating concise and yet compelling text ads is an art.  Because of the limited number of characters allowed, it is vital that you include only the most important and relevant information.  While this may seem counter-intuitive, your business name should be the last priority.  Geo-targeting information, a call to action, and great keywords are your first priority. Once a customer lands on your page, they will know the name of your business.

5.        Failing To Use Specific Keywords

Generic keywords fail.  Customers are more savvy today and when they are searching for a specific product or service, they know the best results come from specific keyword searches – this is also your chance to show how you are unique.  For example, if you own a pizza restaurant your keyword choice could be “Italian restaurant” or simply “pizza” or it could be “New York style pizza” or “Brick oven pizza”.  Keywords are a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition.  Choose them wisely.

Text ads are a great tool in driving customers to your local website.  When designing your marketing strategy avoid the five common mistakes above to keep from losing potential customers.

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